About Us

 Hello Friends,

We are Mr and Mrs Orlando Favors we reside in Ellenwood Ga about 15 mins outside of Atlanta. We have four kids 2 girls and 2 boys who are the joys of our life and we love them dearly. My passion for creativity started at a young age when i did a lot of drawing and designing things. With life being hard financially on my grandma who raised me and my four siblings i never had a chance to pursue my passion. I eventually had to start working at a young age to help her as much as i could while still trying to maintain decent grades in school. Ultimately i had to work a string of jobs to support my family while still having my passion burning inside. About a year ago i was having a conversation with my wife about starting a clothing line and then i felt God put designing shirts in my spirit. I was super excited with the thoughts of being able to create and design things for people. So my wife and i went online to order the machine, software, and materials we needed to get started. We contacted a couple of people that had some experience in designing shirts to get some advice as well as watched video tutorials on youtube. I studied those videos for hours and hours and then started practicing on shirts for family members. I became so indulged in the power of creating something special for people and the gratitude i felt when we made them something they liked so much. We eventually received our first order and i swear to God it seemed like Christmas because we were so excited. We began to prep the shirts, then i immediately started working on the design that the customer requested. We handled the order so meticulously and with so much love and care because we didn't want to mess anything up. So we took the order, prepped the shirts, created the design, printed the shirts, package the shirts, wrote up the receipts, and even wrote a personal letter thanking them for their business, because we realize that there were a million other people that they could've went with instead of us. And we still maintain that mindset still to this day treating every order we receive special and like it's our very first order because we want every person that shops with Xtraordinary Gear to receive special attention thats the motto we live by. You work very hard for your money and you should get the best service possible for it. We thank you so much for giving us a moment of your time and we hope to provide you with the great T-Shirts and apparel you love. And if it's something that you desire and you don't see it on the site just give us a call at (404)207-3176 and we will be sure to get it for you. Again thank you for choosing Xtraordinary Gear